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Checking the index status is important because it provides you with more information on how well your site is accepted by any search engine.

What is Google Index Status and Why Does It Matter?

First of all, it’s important to know that any search engine is not a reflection of what websites do actually exist. There are way more websites and URLs existing than are indexed by Google respectively any search engine. Search engines are like databases. They are crawling each and every domain they know about (that’s why backlinks matter), on a more or less regular basis. All available information from theses websites like meta title, meta description, general content, relevancy, correlation, and many other factors, as well as the URLs, are saved.
When you are searching for a specific term, the search engine shows you all database entries sorted by relevancy (of course there are more factors, but let’s keep it simple).

As you can see, your website has to be crawled first before having a chance to get into the index.

Two easy ways to check your index status

The first one is: go to Google and enter the following request:


You will get an estimation of your indexed pages, but unfortunately no exact number.

The second, more reliable way to check your indexed URLs is to open an account in Google Webmaster Tools. I’d recommend this anyway because you can get more insights for your domain over time. When you open “coverage ” on the side menu, you can find detailed information on the number of indexed pages.

view of Google Search Console “Coverage” Report
Last Updated On August 25, 2019